1. #RIP #LeeeBlackChilders - Here is a photo he took of Brian Eno


  2. "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."
    — Confucius

  3. eventjoeproject:

    The #Infuence of turntables.


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    The #Influence of curvy architecture. ~>

    Via Trend Hunter



  6. "I call architecture frozen music."
    —  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


  8. This is how @mishdogg relaxes.


  9. I went to the Ray Eames exhibit at The Art Center College Of Design this week. Check the feature I did for Pro-Ject, and see what I saw:


    This week, DJ Synapse of The Pro-Ject Team made a trip to the “Ray Eames In The Spotlight” exhibit at Williamson Gallery at The Art Center College For Design in Pasadena, Ca.

    Ray Eames (along with her husband Charles) could certainly be seen as one of the twentieth century’s most varied and innovative designers. Together, Ray and Charles made so many things, not limited to films, apparel, paintings, toys, textiles, photographs, and of course home furnishings. Remember “The Eames Chair”?

    Charles and Ray Eames have long since passed, but The Eames legacy lives on through The Eames House  (a house that the couple built in California’s Pacific Palisades), considered a landmark of 20th century architecture, and The Eames Office, their business still located in Venice, CA.

    The amount of work that was included in this exhibit simply will not fit into one post. With that said, this is the first installment in our Pro-Ject feature on the work of Ray Eames.

    The exhibit is on display until May 4th. More info here.

    Visit The Eames Office

    Visit The Eames House


  10. LA Fid-olks,

    I am Plid-aying with Did-erek McKid-eith tonid-ight in North Hollywood at Skinny’s Lounge - Cid-ome Thrid-ough.

    Really though, Derek is something real serious, and I would love you to be able to experience this. And just so you know: This is a band, and I am the drummer on turntables.

    We’re calling it “We Are The DJ”

    7:30pm start, we will be rocking till 10. Would love to see yid-ou.


    Derek McKeith “We Are The DJ”

    Featuring DJ Synapse on Turntables and Misha Davidson on the Keytar

    Friday April 4th, 2014

    At Skinny’s Lounge
    4923 Lankershim Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA 91601

    RSVP to: electriliferecordsmg@gmail.com



  11. My company Pro-Ject had the legendary Jay Jay French, who was in/managed Twisted Sister talk to the crowd at our last event. Check the speaker video out.


    On Feb. 27th, Pro-Ject / New York City featured a rock star entrepreneur, celebrity chef and 75 hand picked thought leaders from all aspects of business, culture, and entertainment.

    Closing the night was our final presenter, Jay Jay French who charmed the crowd with stories of his trials, tribulations and rise to success as he navigated the rough waters of building the world famous rock band, Twisted Sister. Jay Jay’s experiences in overcoming defeat and his perspective of “Knowing the playing field” was an inspiration in developing long term goals.

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  12. I always say I have been given amazing books. I hereby christen this hashtag: #BooksPeopleGaveMe - This one came from my sis @selenabellina #JewishPartyBook


  13. Ran into the incomparable photographer @sunnybak the other night. The #BeastieBoys used to hang out at Sunny’s photo studio when they were just a local NYC band trying to make it all happen. Sunny was a fashion photographer, and The Beasties would hang around her studio just trying to pick up the models she was shooting. When she needed to light her photo sets, she would grab The Boys and throw them in there to test the lighting. When they blew up, they ended up having her shoot them for much of the #LicenseToIll festivities, including the legendary gatefold of said album. Oh yeah, the “Fight For Your Right To Party” video was shot at her studio too.
    These guys went from being her lighting props, to the top of the pops.
    Oh yeah, and she started out shooting backstage at the original A Chorus Line Broadway show, and her first photo sold was of Carly Simon. The following one was of Billie Jean King to People Magazine. Her work has also been in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Time, Details Magazines etc…


  14. Get To Know: Bisco Smith



    Words By DJ Synapse:

    I’ve known Bisc AKA Bisco Smith for over ten years. Being a DJ in NYC, you end up meeting an endless number of inspiring and creative characters. Bisco is one of them. I always knew Bisc as an MC, but I never realized that he was an amazing visual artist as well.

    Fast-forward to a year ago. We both had re-located to LA, and I paid him a visit at his Daylight Curfew offices (then in Downtown LA, now in Venice). He finally caught me up to speed on what he’d been doing. It turns out that he and his company had been doing a good deal of design and creative for legendary label Def Jux and others. When I started working with Pro-Ject on content, Bisc was one of the first people I thought of to feature.

    With that said, get to know Bisco Smith.

    Enjoy & Get Involved ~>

    Tell us a little bit about yourself as far as what you do?  How did you start and where are you currently?

    I make art that might be seen as design, design that could be art, and music that has beats and words. I am partners in Daylight Curfew - an audio-visual label / online shop. Really above all just aiming to stay focused and adding good into the world using all the above.

    I started on the journey on the east coast, I would say in Connecticut, which took me to NYC, which eventually led me to Venice, CA where pretty much all things creative go down these days.


    What are your most exciting current projects, and what are the goals of these projects? 

    I am headed east right now to show work in both Brooklyn and Hudson NY. The Brooklyn show is to celebrate a new space Succulent Studios my friend Sek3 is opening. Hudson is a solo show I have been working on pretty heavily in the last few months. When I get back, its straight to work for a show in Miami in May. The goal is always to push myself further with the art and vision, evoke thought, share experience, and ideally inspire along the way.


    What 3 Words best describe Daylight Curfew?  Or what 3 sentences best describe Daylight Curfew? You decide.

    Discover. Inspire. Create


    When you’re not working what do you like to do?

    Paint on walls, decompress at the ocean, shoot pool with my lady, check a new film, travel, explore, take photos, and write.


    Do you have any good stories about Tragedy and Triumph in your career?

    Most days feel like its either one or the other, it’s a creative wave ride and I personally just try to stay level between the two.


    If you were a meal of the day what would you be and why?  Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Why?

    Ha! My intuition says breakfast because it’s the beginning, it always is the start of something new, and hopefully that something is powerful and positive. Lunch is a break for me, and dinner is the come down of it all. So yeah, breakfast would be the selection.


    What is one of your favorite memories from your career?  Please be detailed.

    So many good ones. Most recently working on this Hudson Rails show, I realized I am exploring a time and feeling I have been in love with since I was very young, and there is a purpose and an end goal with that exploration. So I think right now is building a favorite memory.


    How do you find enough time to do work, social media, create and be a human?  Any specific strategies?

    I keep email (accept for one to send myself info on) and Facebook off my phone, when I am designing I often use a program that shuts down all my internet go too’s, and as far as the social media. I do what I feel and really do no stress that too much. I am on pretty much every platform, and I do use them all, but I try to detach when I can. As far as the human part, I may be becoming part machine these days.. too many screens.


    What advice do you have to give to up and coming entrepreneurs that work in your “space”?

    Find what makes you feel good and feel excited for the day when you rise in the morning. Then do that as much as you can.

    Who do you admire and why?  Name 1 or 2 people please.

    Design / Business wise I have always seen Jeff Staple as a really inspiring creative. Great work, great clients, and really strong, long-time brand of his own. Artistically I am presently really inspired by artists like Retna, JR, Jose Parla, faith 47, and Lee Quinones. They all are pushing the boundaries and breaking the foundations on the graff/street art


    What was the best piece of advice you have ever received?  From who?

    There is a lot I reflect on, but these below might have stuck the most.

    Ask everyday, “who am I, what do I want, how am I getting there.”

    - A friend

    The mind is an engine, it needs rest too – a TED Talk

    Ideas are like fish, swimming in your mind. In order not to run out of fish you need to go see the world and have new experiences that will fill your mind with fresh fish to be caught for new. – The Artists Way

    What are you listening to currently?

    I have been on a big Shabazz Palaces kick lately. A whole bunch of beats, lost of instrumental artists like - Teebs, Bonobo, and Dilla, to name a few. Jazz and Classical find there way into the soundtrack too.


    What do you define as success and wealth?

    Success to me is achieving the life you want, living the vision you have. Wealth is a wholisitic view comprised of controlling my own time, building a strong family, love, fulfilling work, artistic freedom, all equaling a supreme quality of life.

    What can marketing agencies and brands learn from you and your influence?

    Balance, and how to bring worlds together – audio x visual, grime x refined, street x sophisticated, moral x business, Los Angeles x New York.


    What inspires you?

    New environments, creative people, natural settings, city pace, hustle, drive, and the pursuit of creative freedom and overall happiness.


    Learn more about Bisco Smith and Daylight Curfew here.


  15. #Tincture and whatnot.